[2024} Home Contents Insurance – Read before you buy

Home Contents Insurance is an Insurance policy specially designed to protect your home belongings, whether it is your furniture or any item used as aesthetics to your home.

There are so many plans in Home contents insurance policy in which you can protect your home content comprehensively with so many benefits.

But the exact coverage will depend upon your Insurance plan.

This facility can give you benefits even if you are lives in a rented apartment or if you decide to move your house.

List of Contents Covered under Home contents Insurance

Furniture and Fixtures

Your Home insurance can only protect your home structure but, The Furniture inside the house is also important.

Home contents insurance can also protect your home furniture like Sofa, Tv, Wadrobe, Bed, etc.

This will give you the ultimate piece because you will not have to pay for repairs if products get damaged or develop a fault even after their manufacturer warranty expires.

It is the best advice to protect your furniture because it is very helpful in long-term value as if it ever gets stolen or damaged it comes under your insurance policy.

Electronic equipment

Suddenly if your vacuum cleaner or washing machine stops working it becomes very difficult to manage day-to-day work.

To protect your important electronic equipment. With the help of home contents insurance, you can also protect your electronic equipment also. such as Air conditioners, refrigerators, televisions, etc.

If any of this equipment even gets damaged the Home contents insurance will pay for its repair.

Jewelry and Valuables

Your Jewelry is your Expensive Investment and besides that jewelry like your wedding ring holds your emotional value which you do not want to lose.

Nowadays, looking at an increasing number of crimes it becomes very important to protect your important Jewelry items.

The Home contents Insurance can also protect your Jewelry items. And buying Home contents insurance for this is wise thing to do.

Portable electronics

Life without electronic gadgets is unimaginable right now. Sometimes our whole life depends upon the gadgets we use like Laptops and Smartphones.

But In case your Laptop, Smartphone, or Camera gets missing or gets accidental damage? This will be a Chaotic situation for you, isn’t it?

Buying expensive electronic gadgets will surely affect your bank balance and after that paying for their repairing or losing them is very difficult.

So it is good advice to buy Home contents insurance for the electronic equipment.

Pedal Cycle

Every home has a Cycle. we enjoy cycling or if you are in countries like Japan, The Bicycle is your important equipment to travel in the city.

But do you know by bicycles can also get stolen! It’s a very bad situation for you if your cycle gets stolen or damaged. But in Home content insurance you can also protect your cycle along with all the equipment in your home.

Benefits & Features of Home Content Insurance

Everyone has a dream of owning a beautiful house at some point. That’s why it is important to protect your dream.

Here are some features of home content insurance which will protect your home equipment.

Benefits Features 
Covers Most Valuables :It can cover almost every valuable item in your home like electric equipment, jewelry, etc.
Flexible Tenure : The tenure ranges from 1-5 years and you can buy a plan according to your needs and requirements
Contents Insurance for Renters : It can protect your home equipment even if you live in a rented house or if you are planning to move your house.
Vast Coverage : It can provide a wide range of coverage including, Fire, accidental damage, etc.
Genuine Reimbursement :Plans can be available depending upon your age, etc. that will give you maximum value

Home Content Insurance [Includes]

  • Damage due to Implosion, Explosion, Fire
  • Damage by natural causes like Earthquick, Strome, etc.
  • It will also cover damage caused by riots, strikes, and other malicious damages
  • Damages due to bursting or overflowing water tanks will be also covered.
  • Loss due to theft or burglary
  • It will also cover your items like laptops, Smartphones, computers, etc.
  • Some plans will also include fine art coverage.

Home Content Insurance [Excludes]

  • Damages caused to war, invasion, or foreign hostilities
  • damage due to pollution
  • Loss is caused by gradual deterioration and every day, eruptions tear or slowly develop flaws
  • intentional damage to equipment
  • Damage due to overuse, excessive pressure, leakage of electricity

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