“शिस्तीत रहा/ शिस्तात जा” – मराठी अर्थ

 Shistit raha/ Shistit jana meaning in marathi – 

कोल्हापूरातील मंडळी कुणी घरी वगैरे जात असेल तर जसं आम्ही मुंबईची मंडळी ‘नीट घरी जा’ म्हणतो तसं कोल्हापूरात ‘शिस्तीत घरी जा’ असं म्हणतात हा मला स्वतःला आलेला अनुभव.. मुंबई ‘शिस्तीत’ हा शब्द उद्धटपणे / रागाने वापरतात; तर कोल्हापूरात काळजीने… असा दोन्हीतला फरक.


in marathi there are multiple meanings of single word ; as they are used in which region. 

for example – in kolhapur when relatives or people leaving home or going out for work ; then they have told that “Shistat jaa”(means go safely).

on the other hand in mumbai, specialy in heated debates when people cross their limits then they’ve told that “Shistit raha”(means don’t cross your limits).

and “nit ghari jaa” means go home safely

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what is mean by bandhilki/bandhilaki?

 बांधिलकी म्हणजे काय?
what is mean by bandhilki?

bandhiliki means social brotherhood.

this is the word in Marathi language; which used by Maharashtrian people 

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